Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

By combining exercise, education and encouragement, we help you restore and maintain your physical, psychological and vocational well-being.

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The Genesis Heart and Vascular Rehab Program (Phase II) is a safe way to bounce back after a heart attack, open-heart surgery or balloon angioplasty, and reduce heart disease risk factors.

We also have a variety of healthy lifestyle programs open to members of the community, patients and anyone interested in becoming more physically active.

Ask for a Referral

Ask your doctor to refer you to heart and vascular rehabilitation, a program that starts with a two-hour orientation held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information, call 740-454-4336 or 800-322-4762, ext. 4336.

Innovative options for cardiac rehab

    A personalized exercise program is created for each patient. Patients exercise under the watchful eye of staff with ECG and blood pressure monitoring when they first enter the program.

    As strength, endurance and range of motion improve, patients will continue to progress toward maintenance exercise. We offer internal exercise programs and external community facilities with exercise physiologists who continue to work with you and monitor your progress.

    Research from the American College of Cardiology and Hospital to Home (H2H) suggests early admission to cardiac rehab helps reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and improve transitions of care.

    See You In Seven (SY7)

    The goal of SY7 is for all patients discharged with a heart attack or stent to start cardiac rehab within 7 days of discharge. When SY7 patients come into the program, they will be on a restricted exercise prescription for the first week to allow ample healing time, and then they will transition into normal progression.

    See You In Fourteen (SY14)

    The goal of SY14 is for all patients discharged following open heart surgery to start cardiac rehab within 14 days of discharge. When SY14 patients come into the program, they will be on a restricted exercise prescription for the first two weeks to allow ample healing time, and then they will transition into normal progression.

    Genesis Heart & Vascular Rehab’s goal is to make you healthier and help you develop lifelong exercise routines. That’s why if you are eligible, you can “graduate” to non-ECG monitored sessions with our clinical staff. Our graduated ECG monitoring program allows you to learn how your body reacts to exercise, teaches signs and symptoms to watch for and boosts your confidence to continue a lifelong exercise program.

    Understanding heart disorders, the causes and the effects, is the focus of heart and vascular rehab education. Dietitians, pharmacists, exercise physiologists, behavioral health counselors and registered nurses help patients understand heart disease, its risk factors and what patients can do to change their risks.

    Another goal of our heart and vascular rehab program is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Group sessions are an opportunity to share your experiences, concerns, challenges and victories and gain support from others who know how you feel.

    Heart and vascular rehab is partially covered by Medicare if you've had a heart attack, open-heart surgery, valve repair or replacement, stable angina, balloon angioplasty or heart transplant. Most commercial insurances cover cardiac rehab, but we strongly recommend you call your insurance company to determine your coverage and co-pay.

    We also have experts who can help verify your insurance coverage and any co-pays prior to beginning the cardiac rehab program.

    A physician referral is required for admission to the program.

    Genesis Cardiac Rehab is now accepting Silver Sneakers members for cardiac rehab. Silver Sneakers is a free benefit for seniors with qualifying Medicare health plans. Members have unlimited access to the Genesis Cardiac Rehab gym. For hours and to learn more, call 740-454-4336.

    Make an appointment

    The Genesis Heart and Vascular Rehab is located in the Genesis Physicians Pavilion at 955 Bethesda Drive, Suite 1 in Zanesville, Ohio 43701. Call (740) 454-4336 to make an appointment and learn more about our cardiac rehab offerings.

    Healthy lifestyle programs

    In addition to our cardiac rehab program, we offer three additional exercise programs to help you get active and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

    Get a GRIP on your life exercise program

    If you want to take care of your blood pressure, help lower your cholesterol levels, lose a little weight or just get in shape in a medically supervised gym, GRIP is here!

    Genesis Risk Intervention Program (GRIP):

    • is led by nurses, exercise and rehab specialists, exercise physiologists
    • provides patient evaluations by a rehab specialist prior to beginning
    • customizes exercise programs and revisions to meet specific patient needs
    • holds weekly education sessions with our team of nurses and exercise physiologists
    • identifies your risk factors and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle

    Goals of GRIP include:

    • educating patients about cardiac disorders
    • improving quality of life
    • minimizing stress, anxiety and depression

    Your exercise and education visits will be in our heart and vascular rehab gym at a convenient time for you. Weekly mini-education classes are held and include our team of dieticians, pharmacists, nurses, exercise physiologists and behavioral health counselors.

    Call Genesis Heart & Vascular Rehab at (740) 454-4336 to learn more about GRIP and schedule an appointment.

    Going the Distance with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Program

    Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can be treated--most commonly by exercising and eating a healthy diet. In this program, our rehab specialists help design an exercise program that can get help you feel better and become more physically active.

    The Genesis Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Program:

    • is led by exercise and rehab specialists
    • performs patient evaluations by a rehab specialist prior to beginning
    • creates prescription exercise plans to meet specific patient needs
    • provides supervised and assisted work out sessions
    • holds group exercise classes with other patients with PAD
    • develops home exercise routines for continued wellness
    • provides education, encouragement and connection with other members

    Goals of the PAD program include:

    • relieving symptoms (pain, numbness) associated with PAD
    • improving walking capacity
    • decreasing risks associated with PAD
    • improving quality of life
    • minimizing stress and anxiety

    Call Genesis Heart & Vascular Rehab at 740-454-4336 to learn more about the PAD exercise program and class schedule.