Response to COVID-19 at Genesis



Throughout COVID-19, Genesis has quickly developed new ways to safely care for you. Our team of experts frequently collaborated with health officials and organizations to analyze countless methods for providing the safest care and environments for our patients, staff and visitors. We increased the frequency of our already vigorous cleaning practices, implemented protocols for wearing face masks, social distancing and frequent hand-washing. Throughout the pandemic, we continually adapted to overcome new challenges by offering new services and ways to obtain care.

Throughout the pandemic and as we move forward, our commitment to providing safe care remains constant.


Updates from the Sounds of Good Health with Genesis Podcast:

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  • "Which Foods Can Help Protect You from COVID-19?" - Sarah Brauning MS, RD, discusses ways to boost your immunity against COVID-19. Listen Here.

  • "First COVID-19 Case: Doctor's Experience: Part 1" - Dr. Jignesh Modi discusses his experience treating the first patient with COVID-19 at Genesis. Listen Here.

  • "First COVID-19 Case: Patient's Experience: Part 2" - Dennis Robbins shares his experience as the first patient with COVID-19 at Genesis. Listen Here.