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Cancer Care

Cancer Care Center at Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville Ohio

When you have a cancer diagnosis, you want to find the best care no matter how far away. Fortunately for patients in Southeastern Ohio, excellent cancer care is right here at Genesis. From diagnosis to treatment, we offer personalized, comprehensive services that help you experience the best outcomes.

From diagnosis and surgery — to life after treatment

Genesis is here for you with experts in cancer diagnostics and treatment. From the minute you come through the door to the time you complete treatment, you’ll feel the difference Genesis offers. We support you after treatment as well with survivorship care plans, therapies and follow-up to ensure quality of life post-treatment.

Nationally accredited cancer care

The Genesis cancer physicians’ group was among the first practices in Ohio to be certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) as a Quality Oncology Practice. This means our cancer team diagnoses and treats cancer patients based on evidenced-based care, education about your diagnosis and treatment options, and close monitoring of your condition and symptoms, so you get the right treatment at the right time.

Certified surgeons and cancer nurse navigators

Your cancer team combines knowledge and expertise to develop a well-rounded, customized treatment plan designed around your needs. Our qualified staff is comprised of cancer surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, oncology certified nurses and plastic surgeons who work together to provide personalized plans of care. Cancer nurse navigators are oncology-certified nurses who specialize in caring for your particular cancer. They follow you from the initial biopsy, diagnosis, surgery, treatment, follow-up and through survivorship. These nurses are a constant for you and your family. They help to provide education and answer questions you have throughout your cancer journey.

Same day test results, in-house pharmacy

Genesis Cancer Services offers same day radiology and laboratory results for our patients to decrease travel and multiple appointments in one day. Genesis Cancer Care Center also offers an in-house pharmacy with specially trained oncology pharmacists who answer questions and provide patient chemotherapy education about potential side effects. Our goal is to provide WrapAround Care by ensuring comprehensive same-day appointments.

Calming oasis for chemotherapy

The Cancer Care Center offers a chemotherapy and infusion suite that is modeled after a first-class airline cabin. Each bay has a leather, heated infusion chair with massage. You have a floor-to-ceiling window view overlooking a walking trail with lots of natural light. We offer a menu for meals during your treatment, and we have refreshments as well. We have iPads available for use and reading materials to help you pass the time. Your support person can sit with you during your treatment.

Genetic testing and clinical trials

You can count on us to provide access to a wide range of tests and treatments. This includes access to clinical trials and genetic testing. Genesis offers clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and pharmaceutical companies. We also have the latest in genetics testing for prevention, diagnosis and risk assessment.

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