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Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, trust Genesis Orthopedic Sports Medicine for expert medical care after an injury. You’ll get help safely returning to the activities you love.

Our team includes orthopedic sports medicine surgeons, a physical medicine and rehab/sports medicine-trained physician, physician assistant, athletic trainers and caring staff. From diagnosis to surgery to rehab, our skilled and experienced providers are dedicated to getting you back in the game.

Conditions we treat

Turn to Genesis’ specialists to find the full spectrum of services and treatments, including orthopedic surgery, for sports-related injuries such as:

SportsmetricsTM Training to Prevent Knee Injuries

If you’re a female athlete in middle school or above, SportsmetricsTM can help you reduce the risk of a knee injury such as an ACL tear—which is up to 10 times as common in women as in men. During a six-week training program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop overall leg strength
  • Perfect your jumping and landing techniques
  • Improve flexibility
  • Safely engage in high-intensity strength training
  • Properly perform sprinting and cutting movements

If you’ve already experienced a knee injury or surgery, Sportsmetrics’ Return to Play program can help you safely get back to the field, court or anywhere in between.

You’ll find the area’s only certified Sportsmetrics trainers at Genesis Rehabilitation Services. Call (740) 455-5151 for more information.

Throwing Program

Improve your throwing technique and decrease your risk of injury with guidance from Genesis Neuroscience & Orthopedic Center. A therapist will record you on video, closely examine your throwing motion, and then develop personalized recommendations for safely enhancing your skills.

Running Program

Run properly and safely with personalized advice from a certified athletic trainer. You’ll learn how to improve your stride after our thorough physical assessment, computer analysis of your technique and footwear evaluation.

Get Moving Again

To find out more about how Genesis Neuroscience & Orthopedic Center can help you, call 740-586-6828 today.

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