Orthopedic Surgery

When you choose Genesis Orthopedic Services for your surgery, you get all the care you need— from imaging tests to rehabilitation. You benefit from fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeons and specially trained surgical nursing staff whose skills and experience help you have a successful surgery.

The Genesis Orthopedic Team uses the latest technology to ensure your surgery has the best possible outcome, including:

  • ExactechGPS® — A hand-held computer navigation unit, providing real-time navigation and alignment information to your surgeon throughout your knee surgery. It works through sophisticated micro-sensors, deploying the same precision technology that keeps satellites and space stations in orbit and aircraft straight and level.
  • Arthrex Synergy OR® — An advanced and efficient suite of operating room products and technologies that provides ultra-high definition images, among other benefits.

Surgical Procedures

Rely on us for almost any surgical procedure that treats your bones or joints.

Get Ready for Your Visit

Prepare for your time at Genesis Hospital by exploring patient and visitor information about visiting hours, valet parking, dining, local hotel discounts and more.

    Our team performs procedures such as:

    • Bursectomy – Relieves bursitis
    • Fracture repair
    • Labral (cartilage) repair
    • Ligament reconstruction
    • Removal of cysts, lipomas or fascia
    • Removal of loose bodies – Free-floating pieces of cartilage or bone in a joint
    • Repair of tendons, including Achilles tendon
    • Synovectomy

    Genesis has two fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic hand surgeons who perform many procedures to restore your hands and arms movement. Procedures they perform include:

    • Carpal tunnel release
    • Cubital tunnel release
    • Elbow, wrist or thumb arthroscopy
    • Surgical treatment of deformities
    • Dupuytren's contracture
    • Pinched nerves
    • Vessel, tendon and nerve lacerations
    • Arthritis care of the elbow, wrist and hand

    Genesis has a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee replacement surgery. In addition, we have two orthopedic sports medicine physicians who perform knee surgeries. Procedures performed include:

    • ACL reconstruction
    • Chondroplasty – Smoothing of damaged cartilage
    • Knee arthroscopy
    • Knee replacement – Total and partial
    • Hip replacement -- Total and partial
    • Medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction
    • Meniscectomy
    • Meniscus repair

    Genesis has a fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder surgery. Relieve pain and increase mobility with procedures such as:

    • Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction
    • Acromioplasty
    • Biceps tendon repair or release
    • Distal clavicle excision and subacromial decompression for shoulder impingement
    • Rotator cuff repair
    • Shoulder arthroscopy
    • Shoulder replacement

    Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

    If you’re scheduled for a hip or knee replacement, we have information to help you prepare for your procedure. You’ll learn what you need to do before surgery and what you can expect during your stay with us. You’ll also learn ways to enhance your recovery through physical and occupational therapy, pain management, in-home modifications and the personalized guidance of your case manager. The more prepared you are, the better your chances for a good outcome.