Non-Surgical Care and Rehab

At the Genesis Orthopedic Center, you stay close to home while taking advantage of the full range of orthopedic services and treatments. You’ll feel confident placing your care in the hands of experts who enjoy the entire support and resources of the award-winning Genesis HealthCare System.

Complete Orthopedic Care

Your care with Genesis Orthopedic Services may begin with advanced imaging tests to assess your injury or condition. When appropriate, your medical team will then recommend starting treatment with conservative measures such as:

  • Casting or splinting provided by registered orthopedic technologists
  • Closed reduction of fractures – Sets a broken bone without surgery
  • Joint aspiration – Drains fluid from a joint to relieve swelling
  • Injections - Corticosteroid (temporarily eases arthritis pain) and visco-supplementation (lubricates joints)
  • Shoulder and knee manipulation under anesthesia – Improves range of motion by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

If orthopedic surgery is your best option, you’ll benefit from board-certified orthopedic surgeons trained in the latest advances in treating your condition.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our specialized rehabilitation program speeds your recovery after a serious injury or surgery related to a bone or joint. Compassionate professionals at Genesis provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and other services that help you meet personalized goals and increase your independence. Your rehabilitation program may include training in:

  • Mobility
  • Self-care
  • Home management
  • Community reintegration
  • Prosthetic and orthotic use

Your rehabilitation team can also assess your driving ability and refer you to programs designed to help you get safely back on the road.

Certified Hand Therapy

Get excellent care for the delicate, complex anatomy of your hand and arm from Genesis’ certified hand therapist—one of just a handful of such specialists in southeastern Ohio. Drawing on several years and thousands of hours of experience, our hand therapist will help you recover after a tendon injury, pinched nerve, burn or another condition.

Amputee & Prosthetics Training

If you lose a limb, our rehab team can help you reach your potential with a prosthetic leg or arm. First, a therapist will assist you in stretching, shaping and strengthening the skin and tissue where the limb will attach. Then, you’ll learn how to use and care for the prosthesis as you return to your favorite activities.