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Genesis Orthopedic Center

Genesis Orthopedic Center

High-quality orthopedic care in one convenient location

The Genesis Orthopedic Center offers high-quality orthopedic care in a modern facility designed around your needs. Conveniently located near the Genesis Surgery Center and Genesis Hospital, the Genesis Orthopedic Center makes it easy for you to get the care you need.


All Orthopedic Providers in One Place


You’ll find all Genesis orthopedic providers at the Genesis Orthopedic Center. Our team includes:

  • Board-certified orthopedic surgeons specializing in joint replacement surgery 
  • Orthopedic surgeons fellowship-trained in hand surgery
  • Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine and shoulder surgeons
  • Fellowship-trained and board-certified sports medicine/physical medicine and rehab physician
  • Advanced practice providers
  • Athletic trainers
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Radiology technicians


Appointments Not Needed for Walk-in Clinic


The Genesis Orthopedic Walk-in Clinic is in the Orthopedic Center. If you have a minor injury like a sprain, strain, muscle pull or injured finger, the Orthopedic Walk-in Clinic is a great resource to save you a trip to the Emergency Department. Appointments are not needed. The Genesis Orthopedic Walk-in Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Therapies and Imaging On-site


Need an X-ray when seeing a provider? We have it here. Prescribed physical or occupational therapy after surgery or for an injury? No need to go elsewhere. It’s all at the new Genesis Orthopedic Center.


Take a Tour

Want to see inside the Genesis Orthopedic Center? Take our Virtual Tour. Follow the circles to move through the center. You can also choose an area to visit by clicking on the Gallery below the image.

360 Virtual Tour