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Orthopedic Patients Share Their Stories

Life has a way of throwing you a curve, and sometimes it’s your bones and muscles that take the hit. Our orthopedic surgeons and specialists can help you with any orthopedic injury or condition, from diagnosis to treatment and through rehabilitation.

Patient stories

Our patients say it better than we can. Read their stories about how orthopedic problems were limiting their lives, and how our team helped them to enjoy life to its fullest again.

Avid Fisherman is Pain-Free After Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

Mark Morris had pain so severe he couldn’t even pick up a gallon of milk. After minimally invasive shoulder surgery, Mark is pain-free and able to enjoy casting a pole without wincing.

Landing In the Right Hands

In June 2020, about 11:30 p.m., 68-year-old Bill Howard was in his basement working on his remote-control airplane. "I accidentally bumped the switch that turns on the motor. That instantly turned on the propeller - which cut my finger," explained Bill. "I've cut myself lots of times before, but when I looked at this, I knew something wasn't right."

Patient Chooses Same Surgeon for Left Knee as Right Knee

Laquita had a total knee replacement at the Genesis Neuroscience & Orthopedic Center. Learn how Laquita was able to become pain free and able to climb stairs again.

Orthopedic Surgeon Uses GPS to Improve Total Knee Replacement Surgery

After four years of hobbling through the hurt, Glenna Simon, 57-year-old Zanesville resident, could no longer carry her groceries from her car to her home. See how Glenna got back to enjoying life again.

Get Moving Again

To find out more about how Genesis Neuroscience & Orthopedic Center can help you, call 740-586-6828 today.

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