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Maternity Services

Your baby’s birth starts a lifetime of memories to cherish and share. Whether this is your first child or you’re welcoming a new sibling, count on Genesis’ experienced, caring team to guide and support you throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

See why more than 1,400 of your southeastern Ohio friends and neighbors choose to welcome their babies at Genesis each year.

Childbirth Specialists

Receive care, support and education from our team of caring experts, including:

  • Board-certified OB-GYN physicians
  • Board-certified pediatricians with advanced training in caring for premature babies
  • Nurses with education and experience caring for moms and babies
  • Certified lactation consultants
  • Anesthesiologists

Pregnancy & Parenting Education & Support

Prepare for your new arrival with classes for every member of your family. We offer an array of classes covering childbirth, basic baby care, becoming a big brother or sister, and more.

After your baby’s born, our experienced nurses will help you learn how to care for your newborn and yourself.

Learn about breastfeeding your baby through classes and support from our board-certified lactation consultants.

Genesis also offers YoMingo® an education app designed to give you convenient access to valuable information.

Features for Mom, Baby & Family

Enjoy our spacious, home-like obstetric units, which include a play area for children. View our visitor guidelines.

If your baby needs special attention after birth, rest assured that he or she will get the highest level of care in southeastern Ohio at our Level II Special Care Nursery. If your baby needs to remain in the hospital longer than you do, stay nearby with our Mom’s Bed & Breakfast program.

You can tour our obstetric unit at any time; no appointment necessary.

Reducing Early Elective Deliveries

Rely on Genesis to support healthy growth and development by encouraging you to wait until the 39th completed week of pregnancy to deliver your baby, unless there’s a medical reason to deliver early.

When you avoid an early elective delivery, you and your baby are less likely to experience complications or an extended hospital stay.


Take care of your paperwork now so you can check into Genesis Hospital more quickly when you go into labor. Register online today. If you have questions, call us at 740-454-4321.

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