Injury Care and Work Conditioning

After an injury, your employees receive high-quality, cost-effective treatment for a prompt return to work and a healthy life.

Comprehensive Injury Care

With services from Genesis Occupational Health, your employees get comprehensive care for such conditions as:

  • Eye injuries
  • Hazardous material exposure
  • Minor burns
  • Minor fractures
  • Minor lacerations, including those needing sutures
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Rashes
  • Sprains and strains, including back and neck injuries

We also provide referrals to network specialists when needed.

Rehabilitation & Work Conditioning

After your employee encounters a work-related injury, you’re eager to help them recover, feel well and return to work. The occupational rehabilitation service at Genesis Occupational Health can help.

Your employee will work with therapists in daily sessions through the Center for Occupational & Outpatient Rehabilitation to improve physical strength, aerobic fitness and work capacity for a more successful return to the workplace.

If you don’t request rehabilitation or work conditioning, your employee needs a physician’s referral for our services.

Qualified Care Team

Your team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and technicians are here to support you and your business. You’ll be kept up-to-date about your employee’s injuries and recovery.