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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy continues to grow in popularity as a safe complement or alternative to traditional physical therapy and is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels. Our aquatic therapy programs at Genesis are designed to help you manage pain, increase strength and improve conditioning – in a setting that reduces stress on your joints and body.

Our aquatic therapies are provided at the Buckeye Valley Family YMCA. The water therapies allow you to exercise with less pressure on your body, and the warm water pool can help ease stiff and achy muscles and joints.

The Genesis certified physical therapists and physical therapists’ assistants help you in one-on-one or group sessions. Genesis therapists are certified through the Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute, an internationally recognized organization to provide research-based programs and good outcomes. Aquatic therapy includes exercise programs such as Pilates, yoga and others. The goal is for you to have a fun experience so you can enjoy the water on your own.

Conditions we treat

Aquatic therapy offers treatments or exercises in the water for fitness or physical rehabilitation. You’ll find that the treatments and exercises can be done while floating or in the water.

Arthritis Parkinson’s Disease
Autism (ASD) Peripheral neuropathy
Back pain Post surgical cases
Breast cancer Rheumatoid Arthritis
Bursitis Scoliosis
Cancer Spinal cord injury
Chronic pain Sports rehabilitation
Fibromyalgia Tendonitis
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Weight gain
Muscle fatigue

Treatments and procedures

Our therapists use various techniques in water therapy according to your care plan. The therapy exercises are based on the rehabilitation needed and your physical abilities. The treatments include:

Ai Chi BackHab (pool therapy)
Aqua Running Burdenko Method (pool exercises)
Aqua Stretch Lumbar stabilization/strengthening
Back Rehabilitation

How our aquatic therapy works

Water therapy, sometimes referred to as water exercise or hydrotherapy, can benefit all ages, including children with special needs and senior citizens. Our therapists are specially trained to design sessions that consider limitations due to age or physical restrictions. Your therapy will be based on an initial evaluation, your goals and a plan of care. If aquatic therapy is part of the plan, the therapists will recommend physical therapy at MRC, and work with a physical therapist to achieve your goals.

The aquatic therapy treatments are about 30 minutes. Please bring a swimsuit and water shoes for your therapy sessions. We have a warm water pool to help you meet a variety of goals. The warm water provides a healing environment to help increase circulation, strength and flexibility. The buoyancy while in the water helps you move easier, limiting stress on your joints.

Make an appointment for water therapy

If you’d like more information about our aquatic therapies, call Genesis Rehabilitation Services at (740) 455-5151. You’ll need a physician referral for your first aquatic therapy session. Check your health insurance plan to see if coverage is available for aquatic therapy.

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