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Genesis Heart Patients Share Their Stories

Every day at Genesis, lives are saved through the quick and skilled reaction of the Genesis heart team. With accreditations for chest pain, Genesis is well equipped and prepared to stop a heart attack in its tracks and help people recover when a heart problem arises.

Genesis is also the first hospital in the nation to earn accreditation for atrial fibrillation, another common heart problem.

Featured heart patient stories

Highlighted in our quarterly publication LiveWell, here are three examples of the phenomenal heart care delivered by the Genesis Heart & Vascular Institute. We’re bringing the best and the brightest physicians to Genesis to provide you the highest quality care.

Calcium Heart Scan Detects Blockage and Irregular Heart Rhythm

Tom Quinn didn’t have any symptoms and didn’t know he had a threatening heart condition called atrial flutter. Thanks to catheter ablation, Tom’s atrial flutter halted immediately, and he began experiencing improvements in areas he didn’t even know needed improvement.

Nurse Recognizes Cardiac Rehab Patient Needs Medical Attention

Don Brauning was exercising at the Genesis Heart & Vascular Rehab Gym and didn’t notice anything was wrong. The heart care team at Genesis did notice and scheduled a stress test right away. Doctors discovered through his heart catherization that Tom had a bad blockage in one of his arteries.

Taking It To the Limit

Brad Hollingsworth tests his limits and always has. The 41-year-old has accomplished amazing physical feats even though he has complete congenital heart block, diagnosed when he was about a year old

Top Quality Heart Care

Mark McManaway completed a day of work, mowed a few lawns and then got supper before heading into the living room for his nightly episode of The Andy Griffith Show. He felt tired from the day’s work, but not any more tired than normal. As he sunk into the recliner, his wife Marcy heard him exhale a grunting noise. It sounded odd. She looked over to find Mark slumped in his chair, unconscious and not breathing.

Woman’s Tickle in Throat Was Her ‘Sign of a Heart Attack’

Tami Swope woke with an odd tightness in her neck. Describing it as “pressure,” the sensation didn’t go away. When Tami arrived at the emergency department, she lost consciousness, and her heart stopped beating. She was suffering from a widowmaker heart attack.

Additional heart stories

Read about other local residents, like Penny Higgins, Shelba Kane, Daniel Wilson and JoAnn Grubb, and how the Genesis heart team intervened to improve their quality of life and potentially save their lives.

Cardiac Rehab Helps Patient Recover After Heart Surgery

Tim Starrett began a cardiac rehab exercise and education program that open heart surgery patients start 14 days after they get home. Tim worked hard doing aerobic exercises and resistance training, and he increased his exercise capacity by 99 percent.

Cardiac Team Resuscitates and Saves Heart Attack Patient

Shelba Kane, a long-time resident of South Zanesville, casually watched TV while the discomfort grew in her chest. Once the pain forcefully struck between her shoulder blades, she got up and told her husband that she needed to get to the hospital. She went into cardiac arrest four times and received three electric shocks to restore her normal heart rhythm.

Heart Pillows: Pressure Can Reduce Pain for Cardiac Patients

One of the ways patients have been able to reduce their discomfort after open heart surgery is with the use of a heart-shaped pillow—filled with firm stuffing, that can help provide comfort, reduce pain and protect the surgery’s incision site. But how can a non-medicated pillow help with pain?

Man Survives 100 Percent Blockage After Coronary Bypass Surgery

Daniel Wilson was trying to make sense of the new, lightheaded feeling swirling inside of him while splitting wood at his house. After hearing Daniel’s symptoms and considering his family history, Dr. Pool scheduled a heart catheterization and found severe blockages.

Patient Finds New Energy After Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

JoAnn Grubb had been active her whole life, but the shortness of breath caused by her narrowing aortic valve was slowing her down. While she might have gone a few years without heart valve surgery, her quality of life would have been diminished and eventually her heart would have given out.

Replacing Heart Valves for 89-Year Old Golfer Using TAVR

Bob Martin was feeling rundown. He received a diagnosis of aortic stenosis, a serious heart valve disease. Bob had transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), with only an overnight stay in Genesis Hospital. He is so excited about the minimally invasive heart procedure that he’s recommending it to his family and friends.

Woman Survives ‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack

Penny Higgins, 70, had been experiencing the stereotypical heart attack symptoms that often get ignored—chest pain, indigestion, fatigue. The discomfort faded away and then returned with a vengeance. Days later, the pressure tightened around her chest like rubber bands pulling, a stinging sensation shot down her arm, and her stomach pain caused vomiting.

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