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Supporting Health Care in our Communities

The Genesis HealthCare Foundation is here to promote charitable support for Genesis HealthCare System. We're a 501 (c)(3) corporation and we're governed by a volunteer board of directors who are business, civic, educational and religious leaders representing our community.

Mission: What Does the Foundation Do?

The Foundation’s mission is: To promote charitable support for Genesis HealthCare System and share its mission “to provide compassionate, quality health care.” The Foundation works toward that goal by encouraging and overseeing gifts, grants, bequests and donations from private citizens, businesses and organizations.

What Does the Foundation Support?

Since its inception in 1999 through the merger of the Bethesda Hospital Foundation and the Good Samaritan Medical Center Foundation, the Genesis HealthCare Foundation has provided over $44.6 million in financial support to the community through life-saving projects and programs at Genesis HealthCare System.

Genesis HealthCare Foundation Investments Chart | Zanesville Ohio

What Does the Foundation Support (PDF)

Why Give to the Genesis HealthCare Foundation?

Stated simply, a gift to Genesis is a gift to the community. When you make a contribution to the Genesis HealthCare Foundation, you are making a direct investment in the quality of life within our community.

To some, a gift to a foundation can seem as intangible as a drop of water in a river. Your dollars mingle with all the rest, flowing downstream toward an unknown purpose.

Not so with a contribution to the Genesis HealthCare Foundation. Each investment becomes part of the current that touches the lives of people throughout Southeastern Ohio. The Foundation works with singularity of purpose – advancing the quality of health within our community.

How Can I Give?

There are several ways you can give to the foundation, including direct gifts of:

Have questions? Call the Genesis HealthCare Foundation at 740-454-5052 to learn how you can support quality health care in our communities. You can also donate online.

How Do I Know My Gift Will Make a Difference?

Rest assured your contribution to the Genesis HealthCare Foundation is more than charity; it is an investment in lives. You are funding life-saving technology, life-changing programs, and life-long results, as evidenced by Genesis’ many awards and accreditations.

Donor Honor Roll

The Genesis HealthCare Foundation thanks the many donors whose generosity significantly improves the health of our community.

Special Event

The Genesis Pro-Am Golf Tournament is held every year to raise funds for Genesis HealthCare System. Get more information about the tournament.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Each year the Foundation awards scholarships to deserving youth in our community pursuing a degree in health care. There are several scholarships available for students in Muskingum, Perry, Guernsey, Coshocton, Noble and Morgan counties. For more information and to apply, see the scholarship application. The deadline to apply is Friday, June 15.

Donate Online!

Make a gift online or call (740) 454-5052 to learn how to contribute to our Genesis HealthCare Foundation.

Donate Online!