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(Quiz) Play It by Ear: Hearing Loss
Play It by Ear

(Quiz) Play It by Ear: Hearing Loss

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Weed whackers. Concerts. Sirens. Construction. We live in a noisy world, and it sometimes seems impossible to silence potentially deafening noises. But tuning out and turning down the most damaging sounds can help protect your hearing for years to come.  

Hearing loss can not only be frustrating but also can lead to: 

  • Social isolation  
  • Decreased ability to function independently  
  • Increased risk of falls and hospitalizations 
  • Cognitive decline 

There are steps you can take to protect your hearing. Take this true or false quiz to find out what you know, and don’t know but need to, about hearing loss.  



If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s time to stop “playing it by ear.” Contact your healthcare provider to ask if a hearing device or other treatments can help improve your quality of life.  



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