Mood Swings in Menopause

Mood Swings in Menopause

Monday, March 29, 2021

Behavioral Health

What are mood swings?

Mood swings are when we go from one emotion to the next without much transition. One minute you are content and the next you are enraged. Someone says something cross to you and within an instant a wave of anger and rage comes across you. You barely recognize yourself. Who is this monster, you think afterwards? After the wave of intense emotion passes, you usually have some apologizing to do.

What causes mood swings?

Both mind and body are affected by the natural rhythms of your being. Hormones are the culprit for mood swings in most females. It all starts in puberty. The happy go lucky child turns into the temperamental teen. And how could she not? Bodies are changing in what seems like a betrayal of nature. Pregnancy is another time for intense mood swings. You feel like you should be on top of the world, yet sometimes the smallest of things may make us cry or angry. And don’t even get me started on menopause. Just when you think you are in the clear, menopause turns you into Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde again.

When mood swings are more than hormonal.

In some cases, mood swings could last for a long period of time and could be a sign of something more serious. When you are not able to control your actions and participate in risky behaviors, you need to see a doctor or therapist. When your mood swings constantly disrupt your life, it is possible that you have a mental health disorder. Regardless, there is help in a trusted medical advisor.

8 tips to managing mood swings

1. Rest

2. Exercise daily

3. Eat healthy

4. Meditate

5. Breathe deeply

6. Write in a journal

7. Talk it out

8. Pamper yourself


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