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5 Healthy Snacks Guaranteed to Satisfy

5 Healthy Snacks Guaranteed to Satisfy

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


A little bit of sugar or salt here, an unhealthy bite of fat there. It’s so easy to nibble on tasty snacks throughout the day that are unhealthy, contribute to weight gain and affect the way you feel. Instead of continuing to feed that bad habit, the next time you’re about to reach for a high-calorie or high-fat snack, try one of these satisfying, healthy alternatives instead.

1. Spread cheer – and hummus

If the phrase, “Eat your vegetables” still echoes in your mind from childhood, someone was giving you good advice. Fresh vegetables and fruit have so many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber – and they fill you up. Raw veggies not exciting enough? Instead of turning to a high-fat veggie dip, try them with hummus. “Trying a healthy new snack can help you savor every bite instead of mindlessly munching on unhealthy foods,” said Sarah Brauning, MS, RD, LD, CDCES, Genesis Diabetes & Nutrition Education.

2. Why rice is nice

Next time you’re craving the satisfying crunch of nachos, swap the chips for rice crackers and the cheese for a fresh veggie salsa. You’ll find many recipes online for fresh salsas that are low in sugars and salt and are super easy to make at home.

3. If you like being corny

Popcorn can be a great way to satisfy your inner snacker without significantly adding to your daily caloric intake – that is if you don’t drown your serving in oil and butter. Instead of loading on the fat, experiment with herb blends, lemon zest or other toppings like cocoa, chili powder, nutritional yeast or cinnamon.

4. Aw, nuts!

A handful of your favorite nuts – especially those that are raw or dry roasted – are a great snack that also help you fight the urge to eat too much between meals. Additionally, they’re rich in heart-healthy fats, high in fiber and contain other amazing stuff like magnesium, potassium and vitamin E.

5. Something brew-tea full

Sometimes you think you’re hungry, but if you pause for just a moment, you’ll realize it’s just thirst. Instead of popping the top of your favorite soft drink the next time your thirst needs quenching, try a low sugar alternative like coffee, tea, low-fat milk or fruit-infused water. If you’re craving carbonated sparkle, try seltzer or sparkling mineral water with a splash of fruit juice.





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