Diabetes Management

Whether you've just been diagnosed with diabetes, recently changed treatment or are having difficulty controlling your condition, turn to Genesis HealthCare System.

At Genesis HealthCare System you'll find compassionate care from our registered nurses and dietitians, programs, classes and support groups to help you and your loved ones manage your diabetes and live more healthfully.

Diabetes Self-Management Education

Learn about diabetes and discover how to effectively manage your condition through our Diabetes Self-Management Education Program. Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as providing quality self-management education.

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Getting Started with a Dietitian

Our program includes:

  • A personal evaluation
  • Four two-hour classes
  • A follow-up session with a nurse or dietitian

You and your support person will learn from sessions about:

  • Understanding diabetes
  • Caring for and monitoring diabetes
  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of diabetes
  • Treating diabetes
  • Avoiding complications
  • Planning healthful meals and counting carbohydrates
  • Setting goals for healthful behaviors

This program is open to anyone with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes and a support person. It’s designed to help you manage your condition—whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have had diabetes for decades.

Take advantage of session times that fit your schedule – mornings, afternoons or evenings.

Call to schedule your self-management education program at (740) 454-4568.

Diabetes Education Insurance Coverage

Diabetes management sessions can be billed to your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. If you have questions about your coverage, contact your provider. Your provider may require pre-certification before you attend classes.

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