Improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients


The Genesis Cancer Care Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer (COC), a program of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS). The commission recognizes cancer care programs for their commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality and multidisciplinary patient-centered care. The COC is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education and monitoring of comprehensive quality care.

Achieving excellence in cancer treatment

COC-accredited centers like the Genesis Cancer Care Center demonstrate a commitment to patients and the community by providing education on preventing or finding cancer early; offering treatment and therapies; and supporting patients through survival. As part of maintaining COC accreditation, a multidisciplinary team at Genesis, the COC Committee, meets regularly to coordinate care and ensure quality measures continue to be met.

Adhering to COC requirements

The Commission on Cancer requires a specific program structure, comprehensive program services and COC Committee responsibilities to earn and maintain accreditation by the COC. Each site is required to submit information to the COC for review and pass a site survey. Surveys occur every three years.

Choose Genesis for quality cancer treatment

Genesis demonstrates a commitment to quality care by participating in the COC. You can be assured you or your loved one is receiving the highest quality cancer care, including:

Comprehensive care with state-of-the-art services and equipment
Multi-specialty team approach to coordinate the best treatment options
Information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options
Access to cancer-related information, education and support
A cancer registry that collects data and offers lifelong patient follow-up
Ongoing monitoring and improvement of care
Quality care close to home

Make an appointment

For an appointment at the Genesis Cancer Care Center, call (740) 454-5271 or toll-free 844-645-3433.