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Spotlight on Eric Antonucci, M.D.

Spotlight on Eric Antonucci, M.D.

Thursday, January 18, 2024


Eric Antonucci, M.D., is the newest surgeon to join the Genesis ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Group. He performs medical and surgical treatments for head and neck diseases, ear tube placement (pediatric and adult), adenoidectomies, tonsillectomies and many other ear, nose and throat conditions.


“There were multiple reasons I chose to specialize in ENT,” said Dr. Antonucci. “I appreciate the direct and usually immediate cause-and-effect relationship that surgery has for patients. Once we perform a procedure, they feel better. I also enjoy the variety of the ENT field. Some problems can be solved with medicine, while at other times, surgery is the best option.”


Dr. Antonucci said he chose to work at Genesis because he can share medical care decisions with patients to decide the best course of care for them. He also appreciates working with a team of experienced doctors who provide consultation on treatment options. In addition, he likes the community feel at Genesis while being close to Central Ohio.


“The best thing about what I do,” said Dr. Antonucci, “is having patients come to appointments after treatment and tell me how much better they feel. I am grateful that I can help improve someone’s life.”


Dr. Antonucci and his wife prefer outdoor activities, like hiking and camping. This past summer, they hiked rim to rim at the Grand Canyon. They have a dog named Petey and recently acquired a kitten named Spritz.


Dr. Antonucci’s office is located with the Genesis ENT Group at 2945 Maple Ave. in Zanesville. He is accepting new patients. His phone number is 740-454-0158.


Doctor of Medicine:

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Cincinnati, Ohio



Wayne State University Department of


Detroit, Michigan



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