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  • (Quiz) It’s All Sun And Games: Are You Wearing Sunscreen Correctly?
(Quiz) It’s All Sun and Games: Are you wearing sunscreen correctly?
It’s all sun and games: Are you wearing sunscreen correctly?

(Quiz) It’s All Sun and Games: Are you wearing sunscreen correctly?

Tuesday, June 13, 2023


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you and your family may be planning to spend more time outside. This can only mean one thing: It’s time to break out the sunscreen. 

You already know sun protection is critical for keeping your skin safe from UVA and UVB rays, but there are a lot of misconceptions about how to care for your skin in the sun, particularly around sunscreen. Prevent sunburns and peeling this summer and take this quiz to see if you’re using your sunscreen effectively.  


So, how’d you do? For more great tips on sun care and protection, visit the American Academy of Dermatology Association’s FAQ on sunscreen. 



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