One less thing to remember
All My Meds

One less thing to remember

Friday, July 29, 2022


We often mindlessly do routine tasks. Do you ever get to work and try to recall if you shut off the coffee pot or closed the garage door? Neither instance impacts your health but trying to remember if you took your medication — and missing a dose — can.

Northside Pharmacies offers a solution with All My Meds, a way to package maintenance medication for chronic illnesses to easily see if you’ve remembered to take all your meds. Taking medications as prescribed is critical to keeping you well.

Right dose. Right time.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, diabetes and similar conditions are better controlled when people take their prescribed medications correctly. Studies show that only 50% of people with chronic conditions take their maintenance medication, and when people don’t take their medicines as prescribed, their health suffers. All My Meds packages prescribed medication by date and the time of day for 28-day cycles in easy-to-open, color-coded multi-dose packs in either tear-away blister packs or pill pouches. The question, “Did I take my medication?” is eliminated.

Who can use All My Meds

Do you take more than one medication or pill multiple times a day? Approximately 62% of adults forget to take their medication regularly. If you take two or more maintenance medications for a chronic condition(s), All My Meds is a visual reminder, so you don’t miss a dose.

You choose

• Blister pack or pouches at no additional cost.
• To have your medication mailed or available for pick-up at the Northside Pharmacy of your choice.

How it works

• The first package includes medication synchronization or getting meds filled at the same time so that all the medications you take are in a 28-day fill.
• After the machine counts the pills and places them in the appropriate time of day slot, a camera captures an image for an automated visual inspection.
• In addition, a Northside pharmacist takes multiple steps to review each package carefully.
• Each month, the pharmacy calls patients before refilling the prescriptions and will contact the prescriber for refills when needed.

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