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Matcha tea health benefits compared to coffee
Matcha tea health benefits compared to coffee

Matcha tea health benefits compared to coffee

Thursday, June 13, 2024


Most of us drink coffee in the morning and we all have our favorite places and orders. Matcha tea is a healthy alternative to coffee and is made from Japanese green tea leaves. Thanks to social media, matcha is becoming more and more common and, therefore, is widely available in most of your favorite coffee shops.  

Matcha is very similar to coffee because you can make so many drinks with it. For example, vanilla matcha lattes are popular, along with matcha fruit smoothies. Adding extra healthy ingredients to matcha helps mask the bitter taste and makes it full of extra vitamins and nutrients. How will you benefit from drinking matcha? Are the benefits better in matcha than in coffee? Let us help you pick your new favorite drink.  


The benefits of matcha 

The National Library of Medicine conducted a study on matcha tea and the benefits of drinking it. The benefits include:  

  • Decreased stress and anxiety 

  • Improved memory and long and short-term cognitive functions  

  • Enhanced spatial learning (More aware of your surroundings) 

  • Reduces inflammation in your stomach 

  • Reduces viability, and mitochondrial metabolism in cancer cells  


Shared benefits of both  

The BlueCross BlueShield has researched and found that both beverages share a lot of important health benefits, such as:  

  • Weight loss 

  • Cancer-fighting antioxidants  

  • Compounds that reduce heart disease risk factors  

  • Improved liver health  

  • Enhance mood and brain function 


Who knew that caffeinated drinks could be so healthy? Both drinks have great short- and long-term benefits. If you are feeling adventurous, try matcha the next time you go to your favorite coffee shop.  


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