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A letter from our President and CEO | LiveWell Spring 2024

A letter from our President and CEO | LiveWell Spring 2024

Monday, April 1, 2024


Mission Moments

Saving a life when seconds count, taking the extra time to comfort a patient and family in unique ways and organizing a bedside birthday party. 

We call them mission moments, and they happen at Genesis every day. These are the special times when our team members make our values of Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Team and Innovation come alive for our patients. They are living our mission and are responsible for the extra things that make a big difference for those we care for and their families.  

As a testament to their character, their goodwill also extends beyond our walls when they change out of their uniforms. You can routinely find our 4,000-plus Genesis team members out in our neighborhoods, building houses for the less fortunate, coaching and serving meals to the hungry and so much more. They are creating mission moments in our community alongside each of you who gives your time, money and energy to help others.  

It is this mindset that makes our community special. And please accept my thanks for all you do for your neighbors, friends and our team.  


Our growing team 

This issue will introduce you to David Wu, D.O., our new Palliative Medicine Specialist. He has already become a great addition and is helping those in need. 


A rare diagnosis  

On the following pages, you can read about Jason Richardson, who, at only 39 years old, suffered a rare, ruptured esophagus. Thanks to a quick diagnosis and treatment, he is at home enjoying life with his family. 


Community Benefit Report 

When I think about Genesis, I am proudest of the people who care for our patients and families.  As I mentioned in the opening, they tirelessly give to help others, both through their profession and outside of work. I am also grateful for how our non-profit health system constantly gives back locally. Our annual Community Benefit Report, within this issue of LiveWell, highlights some of the programs and efforts we make to ensure everyone in our community receives the exceptional healthcare they need. 


In good health, 

Matthew Perry signature

Matthew J. Perry  

President & CEO