Heat hurts hair (ouch!)
Heatless Hair

Heat hurts hair (ouch!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Have you ever burnt yourself with a curling iron? If you have, you know it hurts a lot. That much heat is bad for your skin … and it’s not so great for your hair, either. Here’s why and some alternatives to prevent hair damage. 


Heat damage 

Our hair is made up of three layers: the cuticle (outermost protective layer made of keratin), the cortex (middle) and the medulla (center). According to a cosmetic chemist, using too much heat on your hair can damage the keratin and cause hair strand dehydration. This can cause hair to break more easily. Heat damage cannot be easily repaired. If you use your hair straightener daily, your hair may look shiny and smooth, but it likely has heat damage. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent damage. 


Avoiding heat damage 

Here are some ways that you can prevent heat damage to your hair: 

  • For heatless styles, try braids, buns and twists. 

  • When blow-drying your hair, use the lowest setting and hold the blow-dryer further away from your hair. 

  • Try using heatless styling methods such as pin curls and sock curls. 

  • If you need to use a straightener or curling iron, use heat protectant spray and turn the dial down to a lower setting. 

  • If you use heat every day, try altering your routine so that you use it fewer times per week. 


By preventing heat damage and knowing how to be safe, your hair will feel much healthier. Here’s to a curling iron burn-free world for all of us. 



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