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Genesis Coshocton Medical Center celebrates first year
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Genesis Coshocton Medical Center celebrates first year

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Press Release

Genesis HealthCare System is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Genesis Coshocton Medical Center (GCMC). Opened on April 3, 2023, the GCMC is continuing Genesis’ mission of providing compassionate, exceptional and affordable healthcare services in the Coshocton area.

“Since we opened our new GCMC, one year ago, the entire Genesis team has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality patient care and service to the residents of Coshocton,” said Matthew Perry, Genesis President and CEO. “The positive response and feedback we have received from the community has been extraordinary. We are very grateful for all the support.”

Recently, Professional Research Consultants (PRC), an independent, national survey organization, awarded the GCMC with several patient satisfaction accomplishments. The Emergency Department (ED) staff received an Award of Distinction for Excellent Performance for scoring at the 100th percentile for patient experience. The center’s Overnight Observation Unit, Surgery and Imaging departments each received PRC’s 5-Star awards. All of the departments earned high patient satisfaction scores, including Therapies, Laboratory, Cardiac Diagnostics and Respiratory Therapy.

In its first year, the GCMC provided exceptional care to 56,185 patient encounters from March 20, 2023 to March 20, 2024. Other notable accomplishments include:

  • Patients waited an average of 13 minutes to be seen by a physician in the ED upon arrival compared to the national average of 145 minutes.
  • There were 15,835 patients seen in the ED with a 109-minute average total length of stay compared to the national average of 143 minutes.
  • 1,186 patients had procedures in Outpatient Surgery.
  • 20,421 patients had imaging tests performed.
  • 7,565 patients received physical or occupational therapy.
  • 28,769 patients saw Genesis providers in Coshocton County.
  • 3,067 patients were seen in Heart & Vascular Diagnostics.

To learn more about the Genesis Coshocton Medical Center, visit genesishcs.org/coshocton.