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Be a Smart Shopper: Learn to Make Wise Moves
Smart Shopper

Be a Smart Shopper: Learn to Make Wise Moves

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Be an efficient shopper

Going to the grocery store or even shopping for foods online can be a task. Make a grocery list that includes regular purchases and keep it handy so you can note when you run out of staples. Group like items such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein (meats, beans, eggs and poultry), grains, oils and seasonings, non-grocery items like soap or toothpaste. Use a grocery app.


Make a list 

A list allows you to quickly get the items you need and reduces the likelihood you’ll forget an important ingredient. Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry! You’re more likely to make unhealthy impulse purchases. 


Shop outside  

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. What’ll you find there? Fresh fruits and vegetables, the deli, meat, poultry and seafood, frozen fruits and vegies, dairy and eggs.  


Find fresh  

Take advantage of seasonal produce. Farmers’ markets can be a fun way for your family to find fresh fruits and vegies.


Learn to read food labels 

Reading food labels will tell you how many calories you’re consuming and if the food has nutrients you want more of, or too many ingredients you want less of, such as added salt or sugar. 


Source it  

Looking for sources of good information? Go to localharvest.org to find nearby farmers’ markets. USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans are at dietaryguidelines.gov. Or go to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at eatright.org.  


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