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Are Beards Good for Your Health?

Are Beards Good for Your Health?

Thursday, September 16, 2021


Facial hair comes in all shapes and sizes from a two-day stubble to a wild and woolly bushel of hair that makes you believe in sasquatch. Today, we reveal the truth between myths and facts of whether beards impact your health.  

Do Beards help prevent throat illnesses? 

Similar to nostril hair, a thick beard can help catch and prevent nasty floating germs and allergens from entering your nose and mouth. However, the longer germs or allergens remain on a beard, the more likely you are to inhale them. Whereas sneezing gets rid of particles trying to enter your nose, washing your beard is the only way to avoid eventually breathing them in.  

Do beards prevent acne and ingrown hairs? 

Although most people may not consider acne and ingrown hair serious health concerns, they can be uncomfortable, and nobody wants a zit during a big moment in life. Shaving frequently can irritate skin and cause acne or ingrown hair. Growing a beard can prevent this and cover up unsightly blemishes. 

Beards make you look older … or younger? 

Some people may think a beard makes you look older. However, having a beard can help protect your skin from sunlight and reduce your face from aging and wrinkles. So, while a full bushy beard might make you look older today, you will appear younger tomorrow if you shave.  

The final cut

So, are beards healthy? Like most things in life, this is not a yes or no question. There are benefits to having a beard if you properly care for it. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you go for the mountain man look, please keep the crumbs cleaned out of your beard.   

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