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Can Rubbing Behind the Ears Help You Live Longer?

Can Rubbing Behind the Ears Help You Live Longer?

Thursday, August 26, 2021


It can if you are rubbing the adorable head of your best friend who happens to be your dog. Numerous studies indicate caring for a dog can lead to a longer, healthier life. To make it easier for you, we gathered the information below. 

Knowing a wagging tail will greet you at home, can create feelings of joy, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. The health benefits don’t stop there. People who own dogs are 34% more likely to walk for the recommended amount of 150 minutes each week. Dog owners are also 31% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than people who do not own a dog.  

Still questioning if dogs can improve your health? For hundreds of years, animals including dogs have been used to help the sick and injured recover. These days, therapy dogs are a common sight and often visit hospitals bringing smiles to patients. Dogs are a companion that can make you feel happier, better and live longer.  

The real question is not whether you should get a dog, but what will you name it?  

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