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Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit FAQs

Everything you need to know about virtual visits

Prefer to have your doctor’s appointment from your couch? Check. Want to have a doctor’s visit from your office during lunch? No problem. Virtual visits are convenient and save you time. Have questions? We have answers. 

Q: What is a virtual visit?
A: A virtual visit is a doctor’s appointment over your phone, tablet or computer. It can be a voice or video call.

Q: What are the benefits?
A: Virtual visits save you time and are convenient. You don’t have to get children into the car to drive across town when one of them has a fever. You don’t have to leave work when you want to discuss something with your doctor. Virtual visits allow you to receive treatment from your home, office, or just about anywhere.

Q: What should you expect?
A: You should expect the same high level of care that you always receive from Genesis HealthCare System. You may be asked to provide your temperature, weight, heart rate, pictures or more. Before the visit, please make sure your connection is good, and the location is quiet and well-lit if you have a video visit.

Q: How do you schedule?
A: Virtual visits are a great way to receive healthcare, and once you try them, you may always want to have them. However, there are times when your doctor should see you in person. If you have a need, contact your doctor’s office, and they will determine the best method for your appointment.

Q: Are virtual visits new?
A: Virtual visits have been in use for years and are a common solution for treating patients in areas without easy access to healthcare.

Q: Does insurance cover virtual visits?
A: Many insurance plans have expanded to cover virtual visits. Before having an appointment, please check with your insurance company.