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Using colors to boost your mood

Using colors to boost your mood

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Behavioral Health

Colors result from light vibrating at different frequencies, and their impact is powerful. Here’s a crash course in color psychology and how you can apply it to your life.


energy boosting

Red is an energy-boosting, robust and warming color. Given its energetic effects, it’s not a good color choice for a bedroom. Wear red when you want to appear assertive or spontaneous.


energy boosting

Yellow stimulates thinking and creativity. Pale yellow is a good color for a classroom, but bright yellow can be over-stimulating. The same goes for wearing yellow: Think ties for men, accessories or shells under a suit for women.


energy boosting

Orange aids in the digestive and metabolic processes, making it optimal for a kitchen or restaurant and for promoting socialization. Orange can be difficult to wear because it can make skin appear splotchy; soften it by wearing peach or lighter hues.


energy boosting

Green can offer a sense of healing and relaxation to the body. That makes green a good color for bedrooms and spas or for therapists to wear.


energy boosting

Blue is a soothing, cooling color that can give a calming effect. It’s another suitable bedroom or living room color. Wear dark blue to appear businesslike, adding pastel blue suggests innocence.


energy boosting

Purple has spiritual and artistic associations. If you’re choosing a color where you practice mindfulness, purple can help to evoke thoughtfulness and reflectiveness.



Pink is often considered a color of happiness. It also can be soothing and even provide calming thoughts. Having a bouquet of pink flowers in your office or workspace can help make your day more cheerful.


energy boosting

Finally, like green, brown is tied to thoughts of nature. The earthy color is a favorite for men, especially in furniture, carpet and curtains. Also, brown can evoke a sense of comfort and safety, so it can be a good color for a space where you like to relax.



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