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Patients With Diabetes Share Their Stories

Our diabetes educators have advanced training to help you learn about diabetes. We’re one of the few health care systems in the area providing education recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

Read personal stories from our patients about the Diabetes & Nutrition Education team improving health and changing lives.

Patient Stories

Man With 11 Percent A1C Level Changes Life Through Diet | Jay Hunt

Jay Hunt was at his son’s wedding in Colorado when he began having trouble breathing and could barely put one foot in front of the other. The trip to the mountains and photos from the celebration in June 2018, caused him to make changes in his lifestyle. Learning healthy eating habits helped Jay shed more than 40 pounds, lower his A1C from 11 to 5.4 and no longer need the long list of medications he was taking daily.

Patient With Prediabetes Lowers A1C With Education | Donna Taylor

Donna Taylor knew she had poor eating habits and that she could be at risk for developing diabetes. The Zanesville woman has a family history of diabetes. Her father was diabetic and required insulin injections and her paternal grandmother was diabetic and lost her sight.

Diabetes Exercise Program

This fun, interactive program runs for eight weeks at the Physicians Pavilion at Genesis Hospital. The cost is $100 and financial aid is available.

To learn more call the Genesis Diabetes Education staff at (740) 454-4568 or 866-351-6688.