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Cancer Care Center

The Genesis Cancer Care Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer and recognized nationally for exceeding the standards for high quality care.

The Cancer Care Center was designed to provide our patients with WrapAround Care. You’ll notice it the minute you walk through the door. Instead of sitting in a waiting room, you and your family will be met by a nurse and escorted to a private room where all your caregivers will come to you: doctors, nurse navigators, palliative care specialists, therapists, pharmacy, billing and registration staff. You’ll leave with all your appointments made and immediate access to a nurse navigator – someone who will answer your questions day and night.

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Conditions we treat

From diagnosis to treatment, we offer personalized, comprehensive services that help you experience the best outcomes. We treat a variety of adult cancers including:

Bladder cancer
Blood cancers, such as leukemia
Brain tumors
Breast cancer
Colorectal cancer
Esophageal cancer
Kidney cancer
Lung cancer
Oral cancer
Ovarian cancer
Multiple myeloma
Pancreatic cancer
Prostate cancer
Skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma)
Thyroid cancer
Throat cancer
Uterine (endometrial) cancer

13 Cancer Terms You Need to Know (Infographic)

Treatments and procedures

Treatment and procedures available at the Cancer Care Center include:

Blood and platelet transfusions
Bone marrow biopsy
Electrolyte replacement
Iron infusions
Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG)
Intravenous (IV) fluids
Laboratory testing
Radiation therapy
Therapeutic phlebotomy

13 Cancer Terms You Need to Know (Infographic)


Depending on the type of biotherapy used, you may receive this treatment at the Genesis Cancer Care Center in the chemotherapy and infusion suite or in your home. Biotherapy is a treatment that uses substances made from living organisms to treat diseases like cancer. These substances can occur naturally in the body, or they may be manufactured in a laboratory. Some biotherapies stimulate or suppress the immune system to help the body fight cancer. Other biotherapies attack cancer cells, which may help keep them from growing or even kill them. They may also help lessen some side effects caused by some cancer treatments.


Our unique chemotherapy pods are designed like private, first-class airline seating with heated massage capabilities to help ease the stress of treatment. iPads are available for use. The room features large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Genesis Gorsuch Fitness Trail.

Chemotherapy uses medications to kill cells that grow quickly, including cancer. This treatment also affects some healthy cells in your digestive tract, bone marrow and hair follicles, which can lead to side effects. Your Genesis care team will help you manage side effects while making sure you get the most benefit from chemotherapy.

We offer the following methods to administer chemotherapy:

Central line catheters (short-term and long-term)
Intramuscular injection
Intrathecal therapy
Oral medication
Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line
Subcutaneous injection


Imaging procedures are used to diagnose cancer and evaluate if treatment is working, and to see if the cancer has spread or has been contained. Imaging suites are designed to make you comfortable while delivering up to 60 percent less radiation when compared to older imaging technology. The newer technology produces images within seconds.

Our imaging procedures include:

Computed tomography (CT)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Positron emission tomography (PET)


Depending on the type of immunotherapy used, you may receive this treatment at the Genesis Cancer Care Center in the chemotherapy and infusion suite or in your home. Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that helps your immune system fight cancer. The immune system helps your body fight infections and other diseases. It’s made up of white blood cells and organs and tissues of the lymph system.

Infusion therapy

The Cancer Care Center has a chemotherapy and infusion suite. The types of infusion therapy you may receive here include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biologic therapy, blood transfusion, platelet transfusions, iron infusions, IV fluids, electrolyte replacement and therapeutic phlebotomy.

Pharmacy services

Our on-site pharmacy offers expert oncology-trained pharmacists and the most-up-to-date cancer protocols. Our pharmacists provide education regarding your cancer treatment and side effect management.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy waves that you can’t feel to kill cancer cells. Your doctor will recommend the type of radiation treatment that’s right for you and your condition. Our two linear accelerators enable us to offer the latest radiation treatments with little or no wait time. These treatments include high-dose hypo-fractionated radiation, which compresses your treatments into just a few visits rather than several days in a row.

External radiation therapy

Using advanced external radiation therapy equipment, we can precisely target radiation to destroy tumors in your body. Additionally, we have technology to allow radiation beams to conform to the shape of the cancerous mass and minimize exposure to nearby healthy tissue. Your oncologist will discuss the different types of external radiation treatment types available at Genesis, which include:

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)
Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)

Internal radiation therapy

If you have breast, cervical, liver or prostate cancer, you may be a candidate for internal radiation therapies. Some of these therapies involve the placement of radioactive seeds into or near your tumor to minimize radiation exposure to healthy tissue and reduce treatment time. Other radiation techniques involve hormone treatments that starve tumors of the hormones they need to grow. Your team of medical and radiation oncologists will discuss the right treatment plan for you, which may include:

High-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy
Hormone therapy
Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT)

Same day testing and results

In most centers, you wait days for test results. We understand this can be very stressful, so at the Genesis Cancer Care Center, we make sure you have your results the same day. We also coordinate blood draws, chemotherapy sessions and doctors’ visits in the same day to help you avoid extra trips. We’ll even schedule an appointment the same day your family doctor refers you.

We offer same-day testing and results for the following:

Cardiac testing
CT scans
Lab results
PET scans

Surgical services

Your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to remove tumors, prevent part of your body from developing cancer, or restore your appearance after cancer treatment. Genesis offers a full range of the most up-to-date surgical procedures performed by our board-certified surgical specialists.

Breast cancer surgery

Once breast cancer is detected or diagnosed, surgical treatment plans need to be made to remove the cancer and reduce the chance of the cancer returning. The Genesis Breast Care Center offers patients several surgical options.

Breast biopsy, core
Breast biopsy, needle aspiration
Breast biopsy, open/lumpectomy
Deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP)

General surgery

The Genesis Center of Surgical Excellence has a team of highly skilled general and trauma surgeons with complementary expertise who provide thorough surgical care using the highest level of surgical technology. Our surgeons recognize the impact that an operation can have on you and your family. That’s why we approach your cancer surgery with the quality care and expertise you require. The team performs surgical treatment of the following cancers:

Head and neck
Melanoma and other skin cancers

Robotic cancer surgery

Depending on your condition, your surgeon may use robotic surgical technology or another minimally invasive approach that speeds your recovery. Robotic surgery uses specialized surgical instruments that mimic the movement of your surgeon’s hands and fingers with more precision and scaled movements. Your surgeon has a magnified, 3D view of the surgical field. Patients benefit from a reduced hospital stay after surgery, less postoperative pain, shorter recovery time and smaller incisions. Our board-certified surgeons are trained to perform the following robotics procedures:

Colon resection
Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH)
Lymph node dissection
Partial nephrectomy
Radical hysterectomy
Radical prostatectomy
Robotic partial cystectomy

Plastic surgery

Our team of plastic surgeons works with our breast surgeon to offer same-day reconstruction when having a mastectomy. Patients no longer need to travel out of town for delayed reconstruction.
Our team offers:

Deep inferior epigastric perforator Flap (DIEP)

Make an appointment without a physician referral

You can make an appointment at the Genesis Cancer Care Center without a physician referral. You can also schedule a consultation for a second opinion with our expert physicians and staff. For an appointment, call (740) 454-5271 or toll-free 844-645-3433.

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