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Cancer Patients Share Their Stories

Every day at Genesis, lives are saved through the skilled care of the Genesis Cancer Services Team.

Read personal patient stories that provide an inside feel on how Genesis Cancer Services can improve your quality of life.

Patient Stories

Ashley Richards

Ashley Richards found out she had cancer on a Monday, learned she was losing her job on Thursday and had emergency surgery on Friday. “Everything hit at once,” Ashley said... read more

Seth Brock

Dr. Wegner was right beside Seth Brock when he learned the name of the cancer – chronic myeloid leukemia, Philadelphia chromosome – positive. The type of cancer is rare and is a genetic more

Holly McAllister

Holly McAllister experienced the best care she’d ever had – even before she learned she had cancer. “From the very first test, the gentleness and compassion that enveloped me was awesome. This was even before I became a cancer patient,” she said... read more

Stephanie Nethers

Stephanie Nethers was just 33 when they found the lump in her breast. This mother of two could easily have focused on the unfairness of it all. Instead, she decided to think of her stage 3 breast cancer as another chapter in life’s journey... read more

Debby Anderson

In 24 hours, Debby Anderson’s life was changed forever. She was having frequent urination – making a trip to the bathroom about every 10 minutes – so she made an appointment with her gynecologist, Linda T. Swan, M.D... read more

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