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Cancer Patients Share Their Stories

Every day at Genesis, lives are saved through the skilled care of the cancer team at Genesis.

Read personal patient stories that provide an inside feel on how Genesis Cancer Services can improve your quality of life.

Patient Stories

A Lung Cancer Diagnosis | Eva Sieber
Eva Sieber was shocked to learn she had Stage III lung cancer and continued immunotherapy treatments at the Genesis Cancer Care Center during the COVID-19 stay at home orders.

College Student Wins Fight Against Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Becky Downing

As a college student, Becky Downing, 21, radiated with enthusiasm for the future. She excelled at Hope College in Michigan, and during her senior year, she lined up an interview for a coveted internship at Walt Disney World Resort. Everything seemed perfect. Learn more about how Becky fought back against Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Early Colonoscopy Diagnoses Police Officer With Stage III Colon Cancer

Marcus Ramsey wasn’t feeling well and made an appointment with his family physician. After being diagnosed with colon cancer, he had surgery and treatment at the Genesis Cancer Care Center and is riding his Harley again.

Mom of Two Wins Hard-fought Battle Over Breast Cancer | Megan Rollins

Megan Rollins, 36, works with cancer patients at Genesis as their physical therapist assistant. She’s encouraged and strengthened them for 11 years. So when she discovered her own lump while getting dressed for her husband’s Christmas party, she surprised even herself by not feeling too concerned.

Mother of Two Survives Stage II Breast Cancer | Ashley Tamasovich

Ashley Tamasovich had a nagging, gut feeling that she needed to schedule a routine well-check with her primary care physician, but she had brushed it off. But one night, as she rolled into a comfortable position in bed, her hand felt something peculiar in her underarm – something round and hard, about the size of a quarter.

Pathology Screening After Hysterectomy Saves Mom | Stacey Scott

Stacey Scott, 42, from Lewisville, Ohio, finds great joy caring for her family, but she found herself needing extra care last year when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Tailored Cancer Care

One Sunday evening, Kristie Prati applied lotion to her body and detected a lump in her breast. She instantly felt compelled to act. “I had that sinking feeling,” Kristie remembered. “I just knew this was something I couldn’t waste time on. I had to make the call.”

Woman Chooses Lumpectomy and Chemotherapy for Stage II Breast Cancer

Deanna’s daughter learned she had breast cancer at the age of 40. Her brother also fought breast cancer, and her mother had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her ovary. As a result, Deanna’s loving family encouraged her to get annual mammogram screenings. One day, a small lump showed on the mammogram.

Woman Gets a Third Chance at Life After Cancer | Lori Taylor

“Even tripping over a dog and breaking your rib can be a good thing,” said the ultimate positive-thinker, Lori Taylor, a 54-year-old resident of Cambridge. When Lori tripped over her energetic border collie, a series of events began rolling, leading to her second diagnosis of cancer in July 2017.

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