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Genesis HealthCare System Care & Treatment

Services (A-Z)

  • Gastrointestinal Services

    The Gastrointestinal Services team have board certified gastroenterologist, physicians specializing in the diagnosis & treatment of digestive system diseases.

  • Genesis Children's Center

    The Genesis Children's Center provides activities designed to enhance your child's physical, social and educational development.

  • Genesis FirstCare

    Genesis FirstCare only treats illnesses and injuries that need prompt attention but are not life threatening.

  • Genesis HomeCare

    If you've been in the hospital & are recovering at home, have a chronic or terminal illness, or need some personal assistance, Genesis provides home care.

  • Genesis Imaging Center

    The Genesis Imaging Center provides exceptional quality images to assist your physician in diagnosing and treating your health problems.

  • Genesis Perry County Medical Center

    The new Genesis Perry County Medical Center includes a new 7,500 square foot emergency department and 10,500 square foot renovation of a variety of outpatient services including therapies and advanced imaging.

  • Genesis Surgery Center

    Genesis Surgery Center contains seven major operating rooms fully equipped with specialized surgical technology.

  • Gift Shop
  • Grief Support Group

    Genesis Grief Support Group is here to help you through your grief journey.

  • Gynecology