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Warm up to exercise

Warm up to exercise

Monday, April 11, 2022


You’ve made a commitment to being more active. Good! Now let’s say you decide to go for a brisk walk. You’re probably thinking “Walking is not strenuous, so I don’t need to warm up or stretch.” You’re not alone in that line of thinking, but here’s why it’s always a good idea to warm up and stretch before any level of physical activity. 


When you warm up with some easy activities like waking in place, stretching or even taking a slow stroll, here is what happens to your body: 


  • Your joints become more flexible, heading off potential orthopedic issues. 

  • Your muscles work better as they warm up. 

  • Your heart rate goes up, but because it does so slowly, there is less stress placed on your heart. 

  • The blood supply to your muscles is increased, making them work more efficiently. 

  • Your blood also releases more oxygen, which helps you during your exercise. 


The type of warming up you should do depends on a lot of factors, like your physical condition and what you plan to do for exercise. The main point to remember is that your warm-up should start slowly and build in intensity to a level that doesn’t tire you too much or overwork your body.  


Most experts recommend stretching as part of any warm-up routine. Activities like stretching and low-intensity walking are examples of active warm-ups. You can also use some passive warm-ups like getting in a sauna for a few minutes. Passive warmups can provide some benefits like raising your body temperature, but they don’t give you all the benefits you get with active warm-ups. 


Warming up and preventing injuries 


Warming up before exercising isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get injured during your exercise, but it can help to prevent some injuries. It only takes a few minutes – typically 10 minutes is recommended – so it would be wise to consider warming up. 


Before you start any exercise program, it’s best to talk with your primary care doctor for recommendations on a program that’s right for you. 



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