What to Expect at the Wound Care Center

Your Genesis Wound Care CenterĀ® doctor and staff are a resource for the care and maintenance of your wounds.

The doctors and staff at the Wound Care Center will provide you with special treatment plans. The plans will help heal your wound as quickly as possible. Your wound will be evaluated completely. You may need to get tests that will tell us more about your wound. You will be given information about the treatment for your wound. You will be taught how you can prevent new wounds.

    • We will examine you and ask you about your personal and family medical history so we can develop a plan of care just for you.
    • We will examine your wound.
    • We might remove dead tissue in and around your wound (debridement).
    • We will teach you how to care for your wound at home.
    • We will schedule further testing, if it is needed.

    Your personal plan will require regular visits to the Wound Care center. Each time you come to the center, we will check your wound to see how much progress has been made. We will review your test results with you. We will remove dead tissue from your wound if needed. We will answer questions you may have about how to care for your wound and what is going to happen next. With your permission, we may communicate with your primary doctor and update him/her on your condition.

    We need your commitment to your treatment plan. The best things you can do are:

    • Care for your wound at home as directed by your healthcare provider.
    • Eat a healthy diet.
    • Rest according to your healthcare provider's instructions.
    • Take medication as ordered.
    • Stop smoking.
    • Return for your follow up appointment.  
    • Increasing redness around the wound
    • Warm or red skin
    • A red streak spreading from the wound
    • An increase in wound drainage 
    • Pus or cloudy fluid draining from the wound
    • A foul odor or abnormal smell
    • Fever or chills
    • Increased pain
    • Tenderness at or in the area of the infected bone
    • Increased swelling around the wound
    • The wound gets bigger
    • The wound has blisters, black or brown dead tissue
    • Increased weakness
    • A wound that won't heal
    • You may receive multiple bills for the services you received at the Wound Care Center.
    • You will receive a bill from the hospital.
    • You will also receive a bill from the doctor(s) providing care to you.
    • You may also receive separate bills from the laboratory testing, diagnotic services and from the doctors interpreting your test results.  

    Most health insurance companies will pay for the care you receive at the Wound Care Center. Because there are many different insurance plans, it is hard for us to know what your insurance will pay. Many plans have amounts you will have to pay. Your plan may also have specific coverage limits. You should call your insurance company with questions you have about your coverage.

    Yes. We will bill your insurance company based on the information that you supply when you register. If your insurance company changes at any time during your treatment at the Wound Care Center, it is your responsibility to inform us.

    It is a pleasure for us to be involved in the care of your slow healing wound. Please feel free to talk with us about any portion of your wound care. We are pleased to be a part of your winning team.