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New Heart Procedure at Genesis

New Heart Procedure at Genesis

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Press Release

Zanesville, Ohio (June 2, 2020) – On June 1, Genesis HealthCare System became the first hospital in the region to perform WATCHMAN Implant procedures. The one-time, minimally invasive procedure can reduce the risk of stroke and eliminate the use of blood thinners for patients with atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem. The procedure is performed by Mohamed Ahmed, M.D., interventional cardiologist, and Shaun Bhatty, M.D., electrophysiologist, who are part of the Genesis Heart & Vascular Institute.

“By performing the WATCHMAN Implant procedure, we can reduce stroke risk and eliminate the use of blood thinners preventing the threat of uncontrolled bleeding. This improves our patients’ health outlook and state of mind. We are proud to continue bringing new advanced procedures to our community,” said Mohamed Ahmed, M.D.

The WATCHMAN Implant is inserted through a thin tube that runs from a blood vessel in the upper leg to the left atrial appendage of the heart. Once in place, the WATCHMAN Implant seals off the left atrial appendage, where 90% of stroke-causing blood clots come from within the heart. Most patients return home the day after the procedure.

With WATCHMAN, most patients can stop using blood thinners 45 days after the procedure. The WATCHMAN Implant is the only implant of its kind approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Over 100,000 people worldwide have received the WATCHMAN Implant.

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is a common type of heart arrhythmia that causes the heart to beat irregularly. It occurs when upper chambers of the heart (right and left atria) no longer contract in coordination. This can allow blood clots to form, especially in the left atrial appendage.