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Good Posture Does More Than Make You Look Taller

Good Posture Does More Than Make You Look Taller

Monday, March 29, 2021


Sit up straight. Don’t slouch. We all heard this as children, and it turns out we should have listened. Here are 10 benefits of practicing good posture.

1. Reduce back pain: Sitting up straight cannot always eliminate back pain, but in many cases, can relieve it.

2. Improve circulation and digestion: Slouching can compress vital organs leading to poor circulation and making it harder for organs to work correctly.

3. Reduce headaches: Bad posture builds pressure in the neck muscles and head. This is often a result of your head leaning forward. Every inch your neck bends forward beyond a neutral position, you create an extra 10 lbs. of weight to support.

4. Increase energy: Sitting up straight can give you more energy? Yes. When your posture is correct, your joints and bones align correctly. So, your muscles do not have to work as hard, resulting in more energy.

5. Decrease stress on joints: Proper posture while sitting and standing reduces stress and wear on joints, which reduces pain.

6. Increase lung capacity: Good posture provides more area for your lungs to expand.

7. Prevent injury during exercise: Keeping your neck in line with your spine and your shoulders back can help prevent muscle strain and injury.

8. Ease tension in your neck and shoulders: Avoiding a head forward position will reduce stress on joints and ligaments.

9. Reduce jaw pain: Pain while talking, yawning, eating or chronic headaches can be caused by poor posture that adds stress to your jaw muscles. Focus on relaxing and loosening your jaw to alleviate this pain.

10. Appear taller, slimmer and more confident: In addition to looking taller and more confident, having good posture will also make you appear slimmer.


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