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Morrison House

Morrison House

Providing care for over 30 years

Care for most hospice patients is provided in their homes. However, care is also available at Morrison House, a seven-bed inpatient facility in Zanesville. Morrison House is the only designated inpatient care available in the six counties Genesis serves.

The palliative physicians or the nursing care staff may recommend that your loved one have a short stay at Morrison House when symptoms require more assistance than can be provided at home or when the caregiver needs a break or respite. Our palliative physicians visit every day to review the patient’s symptoms and adjust the care plan to provide the best quality of care possible.

When to stay at Morrison House

Morrison House is intended for a short-term stay with the focus of returning to the previous care setting when symptoms are controlled. Patients at Morrison House receive specialized care with all the comforts of home. Families are welcome to visit their loved one at Morrison House any time day or night.

Respite care is a level of care that is provided in Morrison House to provide relief for the caregiver or family. This care is for five days in a row, once a month. After five days, the patient returns to their home environment.

Home-like environment

Morrison House offers a comfortable, state of the art, home-like environment and is staffed around the clock with nurses and patient care technicians. Social workers and chaplains are also available as needed. Morrison House includes:
• A family kitchen
• A large family room for gatherings
• A reflection room for quiet moments
• Private patio gardens outside each patient room
Morrison House is a non-smoking facility.

Support options

We’re here to help each patient and their family live each day as they choose. Genesis Hospice provides a comprehensive plan of care that is based on patient/family goals, symptom management, spiritual and social well-being. This may include therapy or a form of alternative therapy. The primary focus is to provide comfort and alleviate pain or symptoms. Types of therapy can include:
• Physical
• Occupational
Alternative therapies include:
• Aromatherapy
• Pet therapy
• Music therapy
• Clown therapy
• Support group therapy

Patient referral

A doctor’s order is not needed to receive information about hospice. Family, friends, nurses, physicians, clergy… anyone can ask to talk with us in your home, at Morrison House, or a location of your choice on a date and time that best fits your schedule. We are available 24/7 to talk with you about hospice services and how our team can help.

Contact us today to get the quality, compassionate and comprehensive care you deserve. For more information about Morrison House, call (740) 454-5635 or (800) 953-7673.

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