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Age backward with these 5 wrinkle-fighting foods

Age backward with these 5 wrinkle-fighting foods

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


Ask anyone if they'd like to look and feel young, and the answer will be yes. Did you know certain foods can reduce signs of aging? Study shows that anti-aging foods can manipulate or delay skin aging and improve its quality. Taking care of your skin from within is more effective than using most topical products because creams and lotions do not penetrate the skin deep enough to make a big difference. That doesn't mean you should do away with your topical beauty regimens, such as using sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer, but combine their use with these five beauty superfoods, and you've hit the jackpot.  


Start by directing your diet to complex carbs such as whole grains and naturally sweet foods with well-balanced sugar. Limit skin-damaging foods like refined carbohydrates and excess sugar: white bread, pasta and white rice. The following foods are a strong defense against wrinkles, texture and dull skin tone.  




Coming in first with a high vitamin C content is broccoli. A quarter head of broccoli produces 100 grams of vitamin C; that's higher than the recommended intake of 90 milligrams. It's packed with the vitamin you need to promote collagen. When we age, the skin begins to sag. Collagen is a protein found in most of the body's structures, including the bones and skin. It gives your skin elasticity or the ability for the skin to bounce back from sagging and increases cell renewal which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.  


Sweet Potato 

That lovely glow you've been looking for is hidden in a sweet potato. Yes, better than a tan, and rooted in research, sweet potato has proven to give a better-looking tan than the sun. A recent study presented by the University of Nottingham showed students who consumed carotenoid-rich foods had increased pigmentation than students who didn't. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A which contains beta-carotene, a nutrient that is an excellent protection barrier from the sun. It provides a natural tan for your skin minus the damaging effects of the UV rays the sun produces. Roast your sweet potato in the oven for maximum flavor and nutrients. 


Dark Chocolate 

It is not just a treat but a dose of cocoa flavanol, a powerful moisture-retaining and skin-buffing anti-oxidant. Rough skin is another sign of aging. Exposure to free radicals in the air and manipulation from daily washing can dry the skin and roughen it. The anti-oxidant in dark chocolate protects the skin by increasing blood flow and securing moisture. Indulge sparingly as it may contain refined sugar. 


Greek Yogurt 

This two-in-one anti-aging food reduces skin inflammations such as acne and eczema, and it contains proteins that maintain your collagen. Your gut carries good bacteria called a microbiome. Microbiomes host your immune system and regulate your body's inflammatory response. Greek yogurt promotes healthy skin and brightens and tones its overall appearance. 



Lessen the dryness, increase the youthfulness. The omega-3 in salmon is vital in fighting irritants on the skin. It also boosts moisture in the skin. Studies show that people who eat omega-3 rich foods see a more youthful appearance on their skin than those who don't. Other sources of omega-3 include chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. We recommend mixing these up in your diet. 


Incorporating these age-fighting foods in your diet and maintaining a healthy topical skin routine will put you on the road to aging backward. 



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