Spirit of Pink 2012 - Huge Success

Another sold-out Spirit of Pink crowed laughed, learned and loved the decorated bras. This year's event hosted a fun way to remind women of the importance of getting a mammogram - Bras Because We Care. Several different Genesis Departments decorated bras and attendees picked the winner.

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Bras that were displayed at Spirit of Pink!


  • This is the winner of the night- Double D-Licious by Genesis Cancer Research
  • Third place winner was Betty GadgIT by Genesis IT Department
  • Fifth Place Winner was Hooters by Genesis Quality Management
  • Cross Your Heart for Breast Health by 7 West A
  • Bra of Health by Genesis Food & Nutrition
  • Private Eyes by 7 Main
  • The Buzz Around Town is That it's Time for Your Mammogram by Genesis Nursing Care Team
  • Boo-bies by Genesis NurseLine
  • Love Your Melons by Genesis Rapid Response Coordinators
  • Functional Fast Food Fashion by Genesis Maternal Family Education
  • BFF's-Breast Friends Forever by Genesis Revenue Management Support
  • Kayla's Warriors by Genesis Pulmonary Center
  • Race in For Your Mammogram by Genesis MICU
  • Treasure Your Chest by Genesis Revenue Integrity
  • Bee Aware by Genesis Surgery Center
  • 1930's by Genesis Heart & Vascular Services
  • Diamonds are "The Girls" Best Friend by Genesis Breast Care Center
  • 50 Shades of Pink by Genesis Education Services
  • Ladybug Ladybug by Genesis Women's Boutique
  • Check Your Booobies by Genesis Radiation Oncology
  • Mardi Gras by Genesis Respiratory Services
  • Pink Rocks by Genesis Patient Accounts
  • Imperial Army by 5 West A
  • A Haunting Good Time by Genesis Laboratory Services

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