Level II Nursery

Welcoming your newborn into the world is an exciting time, but sometimes newborns need a little extra special care.

At Genesis we want you to know your newborn will have the highest level of care in southeastern Ohio with our Level II Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit (NICU). Our unit is certified by the Ohio Department of Health.

The NICU at Genesis Hospital cares for babies born as early as 32 weeks gestation. In addition, the NICU cares for full-term babies with special needs. We offer a neonatal and high-risk maternal transfer program for expectant mothers whose babies might benefit from care in the NICU when delivered.

Breathe Easier

In addition to premature infants, the Genesis NICU cares for full-term babies born with special needs. As a Level II NICU, a number of special services and treatments are offered. These include surfactant therapy, which helps to prevent infant’s lungs from collapsing, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which gets essential nutrients to growing babies through an IV, and echocardiograms, which enable us to detect heart problems in infants.


A key technological advancement we offer you and your infant is telemedicine. This technology links Genesis to experts at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Using a special camera and monitors, neonatologists at Children's can zoom in on the baby and see what's happening in real time rather than depending solely on verbal descriptions over the phone. Then the neonatologists can help Genesis physicians care for infants, ideally avoiding a transfer to Columbus.

A Delicate Touch

Of course, it takes more than high-tech equipment to care for a precious new life — it takes people. That’s why our nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, occupational therapist and other staff work closely together to ensure high quality care. In addition, neonatal nurse practitioners and high-risk pediatricians oversee all day-to-day operations in the NICU and are available in emergency situations.

Oh Baby!

Come see our little ones born at Genesis HealthCare System.

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