Education, Wellness and Prevention

We emphasize the importance of wellness and prevention in maintaining a healthy heart or recovering from a cardiac episode. Extensive education is offered during each stage of cardiac care.

Education on specific procedures is provided for patients before, during and after their hospital stay. This education is geared toward helping patients and their family members:

  • Understand the procedure
  • What to expect before, during and after the procedure
  • Required follow-up care
  • Signs of a normal recovery and when to be concerned
  • Their role in caring for themselves at home

Wellness programming is offered for the general community and specifically targeted toward those at risk. Risk factor analysis and screenings and lifestyle programs on topics such as smoking, diet, exercise and stress management are routinely offered. 

Decision Points

Our interactive Decision Points guide you through making key health decisions by combining medical information with your personal information.

You'll find Decision Points to help you answer questions about: