Cancer Clinical Trials

Genesis Cancer Services offers patients a chance to participate in clinical trials, which are research programs designed to test new treatments and improve current treatments.

Cancer is a complicated disease, so doctors are continually trying to learn about how cancer works and how to treat it better. Progress is being made as a result of researching new drugs and procedures through clinical trials, improving the chances of more effective treatments.

How to get involved in a clinical trial

  1. The first step to getting involved in a clinical trial is to ask your doctor. Several area doctors are involved in clinical trials through the Columbus Community Clinical Oncology Group and have access to pharmaceutical trials that are offering new drugs.
  2. When your doctor finds a trial that is suitable for your type of cancer, it's important to understand the treatment and how it's different from the standard treatment. This is explained in an informed consent for the specific clinical trial, which contains a complete description of the trial. It's important to read and ask questions or discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor, so you'll be prepared to enter the trial.

Benefits and risks of clinical trials

Each clinical trial is different, but benefits of participating may include access to medication that is not widely available (at no cost to you); being among the first to receive new treatments; and being monitored closely by doctors and researchers.

While there is much to gain, there are some potential risks as well. You may experience side effects that are new and unique to the treatment (not yet well known). In some trials, you may receive a placebo, which contains no actual medication; however, not all clinical trials will use a placebo. These things must be carefully considered before enrolling in a clinical trial.

Importance of clinical trials

Most medications available for treatment have gone through a clinical trial, and consequently, we now have effective treatments for several diseases. Survival rates for breast and prostate cancer have increased in the last decade as a result of research advances made possible through the studies.

Clinical trials have many advantages for cancer patients with safeguards in place to protect patients. Gather all information; ask plenty of questions about the study; and use all resources available to help you decide if you want to participate in a clinical trial.

Trials being offered at Genesis

Genesis Cancer Services' research team finds patients to take part in trials, administers the treatment or drug being studied and follows up with the patients after the trial.

For information about enrolling in a trial at Genesis Cancer Services, please talk to your physician, or view available Clinical Trials.

For more information

For more information on clinical trials for cancer, contact the Genesis Cancer Care at (740) 454-5992 or 800-990-5992.