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Mark McManaway Patient Story

Top Quality Heart Care

    Thursday, October 8, 2020


Life-saving Speed

Mark McManaway completed a day of work, mowed a few lawns and then got supper before heading into the living room for his nightly episode of The Andy Griffith Show. He felt tired from the day’s work, but not any more tired than normal. As he sunk into the recliner, his wife Marcy heard him exhale a grunting noise. It sounded odd. She looked over to find Mark slumped in his chair, unconscious and not breathing.

Call 9-1-1! Something’s happened to Mark.” Marcy called out to a relative next door. While waiting for the ambulance, Marcy acted fast. Though untrained in CPR, she did the best she could – and it helped. “She wanted to try to do something, and all of a sudden I gasped and started breathing again,” Mark said.

Alaa Gabi, M.D., interventional cardiologist, Genesis Heart & Vascular Institute, commended Marcy on her quick response. “She did a great job. Though she didn’t do full CPR, her compressions revived him. What also helped is that she got him to the hospital early. In cardiology, seconds can mean a life,” Dr. Gabi said.

Double Trouble Heart Attacks

After arriving at Genesis Hospital Emergency Department, the medical team ran bloodwork that revealed Mark had suffered a heart attack. While being monitored, a second attack struck. “I was sitting up talking with my wife and daughter, and then suddenly I fell back on the bed. I coded again,” Mark said.

When Mark went into cardiac arrest again, the resuscitation team including doctors board-certified in critical care, James Adamo, M.D., Philip Fields, M.D., and Kenneth Greer, M.D., sprang into action to resuscitate and stabilize Mark, then rushed him to emergency open heart surgery.

“Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in the United States,” Dr. Gabi said. “The chances of Mark’s survival would have been much lower if he hadn’t been at the hospital. With any heart or vascular disease, the earlier we intervene, the better.”

Every Second Counts

Mark survived thanks to the quality heart care at Genesis, and life-saving speed at which it was administered. He was taken as an emergency to the heart catheterization lab. His heart catheterization procedure showed that he had critical blockages in the three main vessels supplying his heart. Dr. Gabi discussed that case with Dr. Rehman and the cardiac surgery team and it was decided to proceed for emergent open-heart surgery.

“We performed a triple bypass, meaning we rerouted the blood beyond blockages in three different arteries,” explained Atiq Rehman, M.D., fellowship-trained cardiothoracic vascular surgeon, Genesis Heart & Vascular Institute.

“This was a team effort. At Genesis, our heart and vascular physicians work as a cohesive group. It’s unique. Our collaboration spills over in good ways to all aspects of care, as we discuss, treat and manage patients together,” said Dr. Rehman.

Genesis’ robust and accredited heart team includes highly trained interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, vascular surgeons and specialized nursing and support staff members.

Rewarded With Life, Kindness

Genesis’ high quality and compassionate care had a tremendous impact on Mark.

“They were so helpful and friendly it was unreal,” Mark said. “They made me feel at ease, like I was sitting there with family. The doctors are very good, and I can’t get over how hard the nurses work.” For Dr. Rehman and the Genesis heart team, Mark’s words and successful outcome provide meaning and fulfillment to their work.

“The most rewarding thing for me is the smile of a happy, grateful patient who’s able to improve his or her overall quality of life – that’s our goal,” Dr. Rehman said.

Now home, Mark continues the healing process by regularly going to the Genesis Heart & Vascular Rehab Gym. “At first, when they asked me if I wanted to take a walk, I could barely make it from the hospital bed to the door of my room. Now I’m walking around my town block three times a day, plus going to rehab therapy. I won’t be running any races soon, but I’m definitely healing and getting better,” Mark said. “I’m thankful to be alive, I’m thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for Genesis.”

Local Excellence

The Heart & Vascular Institute has fellowship-trained physicians applying the latest cardiac innovations.

“Our cardiology program’s volume has doubled in the last five years, which indicates our program has good results. Even more importantly, we now provide our community with access to nearly every interventional heart procedure available in the country,” Dr. Rehman said.

For example, Genesis Heart & Vascular Group physicians use advanced technologies like:

  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) – small catheters and innovative imaging help physicians replace diseased heart valves

  • MitraClip™ – designed for patients unsuitable for surgery, this minimally invasive technique repairs mitral regurgitation

  • Robotic-assisted, minimally invasive technology – makes smaller incisions so there’s less disturbance to heart tissue for faster healing and less risk

  • Impella heart pump – aids high-risk patients suffering from heart failure

  • WATCHMAN™ Implant – reduces risk of stroke and eliminates blood thinners for patients with atrial fibrillation not caused by valve problems