Welcome to Your New Genesis Hospital

You’ve seen the changes from the outside. Now you can feel them from the inside. Every design detail of the new Genesis Hospital was planned around the needs of patients. First we decided the best way to care for patients … and then we designed the hospital to match.

As you explore the new hospital, you’ll easily notice some design features like the fact that all patient rooms are private, that sunlight streams through the plentiful windows and that the finishes are bright and new.

A World of Great Care Has Landed in Zanesville

What is not as easy to see is how we carefully thought through the location of services to minimize how far patients have to be moved. We found a way for most patient moves to occur "behind the scenes"– out of the view of the public. We also designed our nursing units to enable our nurses and other caregivers to spend more time with patients. Within each area, we’ve placed features to help our caregivers provide timely, consistent patient care.

We traveled around the country visiting new hospitals to learn about the best design features and ways to care for patients, and we brought the best ideas home to you … so you don’t have to leave home for high quality care.

Here's Some of What You'll Find

    Our patients helped with the design and layout of the rooms, which include three zones – one for the patient, one for visitors and one for staff.

    When leaving the hospital, you will be moved "behind the scenes," out of the view of visitors, to a discharge exit on the side of the hospital. Your loved one can pull up to the exit to pick you up.

    The inpatient nursing units are designed to enable nurses to spend more time with patients and less time collecting supplies and items needed for patient care.

    Each room has a patient server that holds the supplies used most often for patient care. Nurses open the servers from inside the room; the servers also open from the hall, so patients are not disturbed while supplies are being restocked.

    Each unit also has a hospitality station for families and visitors to help themselves to free water and coffee.

    Patient Unit Photo

    These are the inpatient units you'll find in the hospital:

    • 5 General Medical/Surgical Units
    • Orthopedic/Neuroscience Unit
    • Cancer Care Unit
    • Pediatric Unit
    • Medical/Surgical Stepdown Unit
    • Critical Care Unit (CCU)
    • CVIU (cardiovascular intermediate unit)
    • Observation Unit
    • Obstetric Units (pre-natal & post-natal)
    • 47 treatment rooms, including three state-of-the-art trauma rooms, a full-service major medical suite and specialized areas for psychiatric and OB/GYN patients.
    • Increased privacy – all rooms have doors.
    • A basic care area for the treatment of minor illnesses or injuries located in a section separate from the main department.
    • An expanded family lounge.
    • A CT scanner and radiology suite located in the department, allowing for tests to be completed quickly and eliminating the need to move patients outside of the department.
    • An elevator within the ED leads directly to surgery and the critical care unit for a quick transfer of patients.
    • Advanced X-ray and CT technology delivers up to 60 percent less radiation compared to older imaging technology. X-ray equipment provides digital images in just a few seconds.
    • New state-of-the-art MRIs produce images much quicker. The updated equipment is also more comfortable for patients and has additional safety features.
    • Nuclear imaging testing produces sharper images with a lower dose of radioactive materials. The equipment is quicker, quieter and more open to make patients as comfortable as possible.
    • 12 operating rooms including a hybrid operating room and two cardiovascular operating rooms. The operating rooms are double the size of previous rooms and have fully automated video and audio systems that enable the entire surgical team to see and hear procedures.
    • The hybrid room can be quickly transformed to accommodate minimally invasive procedures or life-saving operations, such as open heart surgery, to save time and lives.
    • Elevators within surgery provide a direct route to the critical care unit located one floor above, to the emergency department one floor below and to the central sterile area two floors below. The pre- and post-surgery unit is next to the operating rooms.

    St. Francis Chapel is located on the first floor, just off the lobby. The chapel is named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi and will be open to people of all faiths for prayer and reflection.  

    The Garden Café is a bright and cheerful area for families and visitors to enjoy a wide selection of delicious meals. The café offers something for everyone with various food stations including hand-tossed salad, a pizza oven, world cuisine, grill station and a deli counter. By year’s end, visitors will also be able to enjoy food selections from the Lobby Bistro in the main lobby and Jazzman’s in the Physician Pavilion lobby.

    For more features

    If you'd like to know more about the features of Genesis Hospital, download this PDF of Welcome to Your Hospital.