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New Service From Genesis Spiritual Care

New Service From Genesis Spiritual Care

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Press Release

Zanesville, Ohio (June 7, 2016 ) – Genesis Spiritual Care recently started a new service to offer another layer of compassionate care. No One Dies Alone (NODA) provides specially trained volunteers to be with patients who are near death if family members aren’t available to be with the patient. “We care about our friends and family and want to provide the ultimate in patient-centered care,” said Vickie Kumorowski, director, Genesis Spiritual Care. “The service doesn’t replace chaplains but instead provides another layer of care,” Kumorowski said.

NODA was started by a Critical Care Unit nurse in Oregon. She was having a busy day and taking care of several patients. After being summoned to a patient’s room, she told the man she would return shortly. By the time she got back to his room, he had died – alone. The nurse was determined not to let this happen again, so she started NODA.

Volunteers are being recruited, and training is being offered for volunteers to be with patients as compassionate companions. It is a volunteer program with no minimum or maximum time required, and nursing experience is not necessary. For more information on NODA or how to become a NODA volunteer, call Genesis Volunteer Services at (740) 454-4700.