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Protecting Our Community and Our Healthcare Team

A Call to Action

Many of you know that COVID-19 is currently spreading much faster in our community than at any point during the pandemic. In the past few weeks, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people infected and have begun to see an increase in people experiencing severe complications and dying from this dreadful infection. I want you to know that the entire team of healthcare professionals at Genesis is here to care for you, in a very safe manner, whether you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have any other healthcare needs. The entire Genesis team is employing proven safety measures, so that we can continue to provide safe care for everyone, while protecting our team members. As your community health system, we are asking for your help in controlling the spread of the virus. Each of you can play a small, but vitally important role.

All of us want life to return to normal, and we are all weary of this virus. Unfortunately, the truth is, that this pandemic is far from over. Even with an anticipated vaccine arriving early next year, it will take months to get it to everyone. While we wait for a vaccine, there is a clear path to safely resume many normal life activities right now if everyone pitches in and helps just a little. But how? It is really simple by following these three preventative measures in public at all times; 1. wear a mask especially when close to others (it reduces spread by 70%), 2. keep six feet away from others and 3. wash your hands. Doing these three simple actions, consistently, is the key to getting us back to a more normal lifestyle. These actions are not a political statement; they are clinically proven methods to reduce the spread. Yours or a loved one’s life might just be the one that is spared.

We all want our businesses open, our children back in school and our local economy to thrive. This is only possible if we reduce the spread of the virus, now. So, what does it look like if we don't get this done together? There are clear examples in other areas of the country, urban, suburban, and rural like ours where the virus spiked: businesses and schools were forced to close, and economic damage was huge. Hospitals and their staffs were overwhelmed, and community deaths and serious long-lasting complications from COVID-19 happened. Those are the facts; but that doesn't have to be us. Our healthcare services in our community are strong, but when faced with a pandemic such as COVID-19, we will experience these terrible results, if the three preventative measures are not taken by everyone.

Every day, our highly skilled and dedicated doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and the entire team at Genesis is working exceptionally hard to meet all the healthcare needs of our citizens. This pandemic is especially hard on our team and I am very proud of them. Please help us to reduce the spread of this virus, so we can be there for you in your time of need, be it COVID-19, a heart attack or stroke, an accident or some other form of illness. I believe in the strength of this community, and that we can come together to take the three needed actions to protect each other.

Matt's Message to the Community

Matt Perry, CEO, Genesis HealthCare System

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