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View Your Vaccine Records in MyChart

Your personal COVID-19 vaccination record is now easy to access in MyChart.

If your original paper COVID-19 vaccination card was lost or damaged there is no need to seek out a replacement because your information is available in MyChart. 

·         If your original paper vaccination record was lost or damaged, there is no need to seek out a replacement because that information is now easily available in MyChart.

·         A QR code can be downloaded and/or added to the login screen of the MyChart app that can be viewed without the need to log in.

·         This QR code can be presented when proof of vaccination is required for entry to events, concerts, flights, travel, etc.

·         This makes it possible to no longer carry the paper copy of your vaccination record.

How to find it: log in to MyChart, click "menu", and look for the COVID-19 virus icon.

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