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Genesis Audiology has a wide range of services with licensed, certified staff to offer you the best possible care and to meet the needs of those having trouble hearing. People of all ages – from infants to seniors – can get hearing tests at Genesis. If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, a care team will guide you through hearing rehabilitation and fit you for hearing aids.

Conditions we treat

Noticeable signs of hearing loss can include difficulty hearing sounds such as birds singing, crickets chirping, doorbells ringing or difficulty hearing someone talk in group conversations. Another sign is pain or ringing in the ears after being exposed to excessively loud sounds. Loud sounds like a firearm or firecracker at 140 to 165 decibels can cause immediate hearing damage. We can also treat and diagnose:

Balance problems
Hearing loss
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Treatments, procedures and services

Our Audiology department has specialists to help you find the right type of hearing aid for all types of hearing environments. We have more than 35 years of experience helping people improve their hearing. Our services include:

Adolescent evaluations Geriatric evaluations
Adult evaluations Hearing aid fittings
Annual hearing evaluations Inpatient testing
Aural rehabilitation Middle ear function tests (tympanometry)
Balance testing Neonatal hearing tests (otoacoustic emissions testing)
Cochlear ear implants Outpatient testing
Employee education Pediatric evaluations
Fittings for specialty earplugs Pre-employment testing

Audiology care and hearing tests for all ages

Genesis audiologists use a variety of tests and procedures to diagnose hearing loss. You and your family can benefit from hearing tests and evaluations for all ages, such as:

Adolescent through adult hearing evaluations
Adult hearing aid evaluations and fittings
Hearing aids fitted and checked during hospital inpatient stay
Infant hearing testing
Newborn diagnostic hearing testing for infants up to six months old
Pediatric hearing evaluations

Cochlear implants

The latest advancements in care, including cochlear implants, are also available at Genesis. Max Pusz, M.D., otolaryngology, provides cochlear implants. If you’d like more information about obtaining a cochlear implant, call the Genesis ENT Group at (740) 454-0158.

Make an appointment with audiology

Genesis Audiology is located at Genesis Hospital, 2951 Maple. Ave., Garden Level, Room G164 in Zanesville. Audiology Services are also available at the Genesis ENT Group, 2945 Maple Ave., Zanesville. You can call (740) 454-0158 for more information.

A primary care provider or specialist provides a referral to Genesis Audiology. After the referral is in place, Genesis Central Scheduling will call you to set up an appointment that best meets your needs. For more information, call (740) 454-4713 or 800-322-4762, ext. 4713.

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